Why Go Green?

You can profit by making the switch to ‘Green’!

We live in a world where businesses often feel that they need to sacrifice their responsibilities to the environment and the world itself for the sake of economic profits. Fortunately this is largely a misnomer. By providing environmentally friendly solutions, more and more ‘eco-conscious’ businesses are gaining the upper hand as the green movement in the world is becoming one of the most profitable trends to be a part of.

The Sustainable Cotton Project, an organization committed to developing awareness about the benefits of using organic cotton has outlined ten reasons why a business will benefit from making the switch to cotton’s organic alternatives.

Ten Good Reasons to Join the Cleaner Cotton Campaign

1:: The bottom line
Large retailers are profitably incorporating organic cotton into their garments-either with one hundred percent substitution or by blending with conventional fibers.

2:: Proven business models
Patagonia in Ventura, California, and Nike, in Beaverton, Oregon are just two of the examples of companies who have pioneered the organic cotton market and are sharing their expertise with the Cleaner Cotton Campaign.

3:: Consumer preference
Market analysts report that consumers expect corporate responsibility as a matter of basic business practices. Organic cotton is a great way to implement it.

4:: Forthcoming regulations
Possible bans on the most toxic agricultural chemicals, as well as potential regulations about labeling on genetically engineered products, point to the need to develop sustainable, practical solutions for cotton.

5:: Quality product differentiation
Most consumers who care about the environment also care about quality; organic cotton fibers provide the opportunity for market differentiation, particularly among companies with a high-quality brand image.

6:: Motivate the work force
Companies who have made the switch to organic cotton report that employees are inspired, motivated and energized by the challenge.

7:: Environmental leadership
Companies taking positions of environmental leadership are gaining market advantages.

8:: A Cleaner Approach
Each T-shirt made from one hundred percent organic cotton saves one-third of a pound of synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals.

9:: An Industry Movement
The apparel industry stands poised to voluntarily raise its standards for materials by beginning to incorporate organic fibers into mainstream products.

10:: The farmers' daughters
Our farming and manufacturing methods can no longer compromise the environment we pass on to our children and grandchildren.

3/4 pounds of chemical fertilizers and pesticides:
Estimated amount of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides it takes to produce the cotton for a conventional pair of jeans.

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